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Yokowo Provides best test contactor solution for Semi-conductory industry .

Yokowo is a Japanese component manufacturing company founded in 1922 and has been running its operation for nearly 10 decades. Throughout the decades, our business segment has diversified into car antenna, fine connector, and semiconductor testing contactor divisions. Our strength is having the engineering and manufacturing capability for antenna products and having the Insights gained through developing and supplying to same customers as Semi-conductor companies . Having these strengths, Yokowo provides the optimum contactor solutions to semiconductor customers.

Quick design turnaround with extensive knowledge.

With the knowledge gained through almost 4 decades of serving
semiconductor industry, our experienced staff closest to your location can
help you design the optimum contactor solutions for your needs.
Yokowo has wide variety of standard probes to choose from.

Highest quality standard with high volume manufacturing capability

Being a car antenna and medical device supplier, Yokowo has established the highest quality standard, as these products are mission-critical and need to be free from errors.The insights and knowledge gained through the experience are now integrated into the fabrication of test contactors to realize the highest quality standard.

With extensive manufacturing capacity both at Japan and Malaysia factories, Yokowo delivers the highest quality products to customers with on-time delivery.

  • Japan
  • Malaysia

Global Network

There are offices in Japan, United State, Europe, Asia to support customers needs in different time zones. From areas that serve as customer's R&D to the production facility, we can provide support close to all the different stages in the product's development process.

We understand the difficulties of product development, and we help to provide solutions to find the ideal product for all our customers that are spread all over the world.

Company Profile

Company Name
Sept.1 1922
June 14 1951
7,819 Million (Mar.2024)
Annual Turnover
76,895 Million (2023 fiscal year/consolidated)
968 [9,336 in the entire group] (Mar.2024)